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The Manor of Wistomble

Mickleham & Westhumble Local History Group The Manor of Wistomble


This book was written by local resident Ronald Shepperd in 1982.  This was an amazing achievement but there may be occasional inaccuracies due to difficulties researching prior to internet access,  It was published by the Westhumble Association but is now out of print. Ronnie's second book Micklam - The Story of a Parish was published in 1991, and copies of this are available for free by contacting our chairman Ben Tatham ( )

With the permission of its publishers, the Westhumbe Resident's Association ( formerly the Westhumble Association ) we have scanned the book to make it available to all who are interested in the history of Westhumble. Due to the limitation of file size on this website, it is loaded below as 3 separate PDF files.