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Feeding The Family Project

Do you ever regret not asking more about your parents’ or grandparents’ lives? Have you ever wondered how their daily lives in the middle of the last century compared with today’s rather cushioned existence? Although many history books are written about the great events of the past, such as wars, elections and other notable events, there are often gaps in our knowledge when it comes to recording the day-to- day life of people like us. This is where our oral history projects come in.

Following on from Mari Ottridge's project on Rose's Store we chose ‘Feeding the Family’as the subject of our second Oral History Project. Over nine months fourteen residents kindly gave their time to tell us about their earliest recollections of how food was obtained, stored, prepared and eaten. This topic was chosen as it allowed us to glimpse into the domestic lives of a wide section of the community starting in the 1930s through to more recent times.

All the recordings and transcripts have been archived at the Surrey History Centre and we also hope to have them available soon on the M&WLHG web site.


Public access to this material is free of charge. Mickleham & Westhumble Local History Group has been assigned the copyright of all contributions to this project. The right to preserve as a permanent public resource for use in research, publication, the internet, education, exhibitions, lectures and broadcasting is held by Mickleham & Westhumble Local History Group and Surrey History Centre.